Tips: Deactivate or Turn Vacation Mode Your Store in Rakuten

Do you want to put your store in Rakuten as temporarily inactive or close everything by yourself? Unlike eBay or other ecommerce platform, Rakuten has no Vacation Mode features categorically. In Rakuten, store owners must access their shop administrator settings and switch their shop status to inactive or disable their content manually. Here are the steps on how to do it easily.   
1. Login to Rakuten.com using your shopping account

2. In the RMS portal click the Manage Shop Settings

3. If ask, enter your Rakuten merchant account.

4. Under the Administration menu, click the Shop Settings

5. In the Shop Status set the following:
Shop Status = INACTIVE
Enable my Product Pages = UNCHECK
Use my Content = DISABLED

6.Don't forget to click the SAVE button 

7. You’re done! Wait at least 24 hours for the change to effect.

Note, you can also contact the Rakuten support team and ask them nicely to deactivate meanwhile your storefront.

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