How to Easily Defog Files Encrypted by CloudFogger?

Cloudfogger is one of the best free tool today to  encrypts your data on the local device before it gets uploaded to the cloud.Using the 256bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption system it can guarantees that Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and others never get access to the content of your files.

I am using Cloudfogger since last year as replacement for BitLocker when our company can't avail Windows 7 Ultimate license yet.Both BitLocker and Cloudfogger are both file encryptors however, Cloudfogger was designed for secure cloud storage while BitLocker for local storage(You can read my old post regarding BitLocker review)

If you you haven't tried CloudFogger I recommend you try, its free!Just download here and register an account.: http://www.cloudfogger.com/en/

But one of the problems you will encounter in using Cloudfogger is how to remove the encryption(defog) when your not using the tool anymore or else your files will become useless forever.Because when you uninstall the Cloudfogger in your system it will not revert the file into the default format automatically, you,ll need to manually defog them.
A screenshot of files encrypted by Cloudfogger

How to Defog Files Encrypted by Cloudfogger?

1.First, do not uninstall the Cloudfogger if you encounter some errors just reinstall it and proceed to step 2.
2.Find all folders and files you've encrypted using Cloudfogger ( you will know it has a shield like thumbnails)
3.Just right click the folder/file and choose Defog Files
4.Wait while Cloudfogger processing your files
5.When done, you will have your files back in the original format and you can open it even w/o cloud fogger installed in your system
6.Remove the Cloudfogger and enjoy.

So far there's no option yet in the Cloudfogger panel to defog all your files in one time.