Watermark Factory | Protect and Enhance Your Photos

If you're a photo journalist or a travel blogger you must know how to protect your work. By
putting watermarks this will discourage people stealing your precious photos or using them without giving credits to the real owner.
Watermarking can be done using various photo-editing software like paint, Photoshop, etc, however,those tools are not designed for bulk watermarking process so, you need to go through every picture one by one putting the same watermark.Huuhhh, its hassle right?
In my post long ago, I mentioned that I've been using FS Capture to watermarks my images and screenshots but this I will recommend Watermark Factory. Perfect for multiple image watermarking.Using the drag and drop feature you can add lots of images and watermark them at a time without getting compromise the image quality.
Watermark Factory Main Interface Watermark Factory Masks Preview Watermark Factory Options Watermark Factory Preview 
Watermark also enables you to enhance your photos using the image effects, masks and many other features. As for the watermark, you can use BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF and ICO formats, with options regarding opacity and position on the selected images.
-Drag and Drop
-Bulk Watermarking
-Built-in Edit Image -Resize,Crop Rotate, Sharpen, Auto-Renaming,Replacing channel color,etc
-Image Effect options -Shape effects, border style, and great masking frames with reset style option
-You can add text or logo watermark
-Versatile watermark placement option - allows manual/ auto positioning, Emboss, Rotation, Opacity adjustment,and load list of watermarks. 
-Allows saving and loading profiles
...And good news the portable version (6.89mb) is now available on Softpedia, you can download it to your USB and watermark your images anytime you want.So far, the only cons I have experienced is it doesn't run well on Windows 7. No probs with XP/Vista or Apple Mac OS.
Download Watermark Factory Portable