Globe Prepaid Offers MAXSURF Promo for Tattoo Stick Users

Aside from its current SuperSurf prepaid promo, Globe Tattoo now offers
MAXSURF for all prepaid users with flexible volume-based bandwidth limits.This mean you only use the kilobytes (KB) loaded for each webpage you browse regardless of how long you stay on the page, allowing you to extend your surfing days.
Starting at MAXSURF100 for only P100, it lets you surf up to 700MB for 3 days with your Tattoo Prepaid stick. If you need more volume then, check out MAXSURF170 & MAXSURF500 for longer days of usage.

What you can enjoy with 700MB?
-Download 175 songs
-Publish and view 1,400 social media posts
-View 2,380 web pages
-Stream 238 minutes of video
-Send and receive 19,600 plain text emails
-Send and receive 2,380 emails with document attachments