KimDotCom is back with "massive" new Mega | repeats Megaupload success!?

KimDotCom (Kim Schmitz), a 38-year-old German national who got arrested last year for being the alleged founder of outlawed Megaupload file-sharing site is now back into business after His allowed to bail in New Zealand as US authorities seek his extradition on a range of piracy and copyright charges which carry jail terms of up to 20 years

In his tweet last Sunday boasted the "massive" response from his newly launch file-sharing services, Mega.co.nz, a music service.

He initially tweeted there were “100,000 registered users in less than 1 hour. Fastest growing start-up in Internet history?” and reported an hour later the site was overloaded.
KimDotCom Twitter Profile Image
"The massive global PR around the Mega launch is simply too big to handle for our startup. I apologise for poor service quality," he tweeted. "We are working 24/7 and expect normal operations within 48 hours. Lesson learned ... No fancy launch event for Megabox."

Mega promises to use state-of-the-art encryption to ensure only users, not the site administrators, know what they are uploading.

That would theoretically stop authorities from accusing administrators of knowingly aiding online piracy, the central allegation facing Dotcom in the Megaupload case.

They alleged Megaupload sites netted more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and cost copyright owners more than $500 million by offering pirated copies of movies, TV shows, music and other content.