Torch Browser:Your All-in-One must have Web Browser!

Do you love to surf, download music, social media sharing and grab your favorite torrents? Introducing the Torch Browser, an open source light browser based from Google’s Chromium project.Equipped with powerful built-in media grabber Torch is tailored to fire up you media needs instantly. With torch you don’t need to install any plugins in your browser to manage your downloads, you will just install Torch and all is ready to go.

Based on my experienced Chromium has really gone a good job to speed up the browser.Torch as a chrome-based, it runs without robbing much memory on the client's PC. I am really pissed off how Google and Mozilla still can’t fixed their memory leak issues in spite of introducing so may updates yet. Torch, once encounters crashing moment it will just restart then,will restores your last browsing history.

 TORRENT Features
I am really impressed on this feature. If you’re a torrent grabber even at work then, Torch is a perfect hide-out to do P2P sharing secretly while browsing .Using Torch you don’t need to install any third party Torrent client in your computer, just head up straight to any torrent sites, click the magnetic like and it begins downloading on the background. Like the conventional torrent downloader you can customize everything under the hood in options menu.

With Torch you can do social media networking activities on Facebook and in Twitter by sharing pages you like in just a click!

MEDIA downloader
Another cool feature, Torch allows you to download online videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etc, using a built-in embedded media grabber. You can download MP3 files and Videos in FLV format of your favorites.

Software Rating:
Where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest rate.
Stability and Reliability.....8/10
Download Speed.............7/10
Interface and Design.........8/10
Average Rating.............. 8.6 Excellent!      

DOWNLOAD and have fun!
Hopefully a portable version will be released soon and you’re the first one to know that...