Is YouSayToo using BOT to visit your Blog? How safe to Google?

Is YouSayToo sending BOT traffics to my blog? This question was brought by one of my readers here in Bennixville last year when I wrote a review post about YouSayToo. It takes long for me to reply while seeking tools to find out BOT traces and to clear out things; I personally contacted YouSayToo about the issue.

We know that Google is certainly against in what we called BOT-generated traffics either in a free, paid or exchange manner that was expressed in their TOS here: https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms.

My Personal Views
Though, I have removed my blog in YouSaytoo last month for a purposeful reasons, my experienced with YouSaytoo was very fine. For almost one year, YouSayToo bring lots of traffic, turning out it was my main traffic referral aside from the organic traffic I have from Google. I didn’t see YouSayToo manipulating some fake visits to my blog since I’ve got some visitor’s interaction  and expect it because I share my meaningful post there. My last year’s Adsense cash-out is a bit of proof that Google doesn’t hates YouSayToo users.lol

YouSayToo’s Feedback
In behalf of YouSayToo if I have sent them an email regarding the issue and here’s their feedback:

I am bennix from
 bennixville.com and also proud member of YouSayToo.I just want to know your side about this question from my readers:

Is YouSayToo sending BOT generated traffic to it's members blog / site?How YouSayToo ensure that their members would receive a genuine traffic from the system?

I am hoping for your positive feedback.ty
Hello Bennix,Sorry it took us so long to reply.You can rest assured that YouSayToo does not send bot traffic to added blogs and websites. It's not something we would even consider.
We are taking every step to make YouSayToo a positive experience for all members.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

Best regards,
YouSayToo team