Globe Broadband Aztech DSL605EW Modem+ Wifi Router-Pros and Cons

Globe had rolled out its latest Modem + Wi-Fi Router, the Aztech DSL605EW available for both residential and business DSL subscribers(almost similar to Prolink but it has better Wi-FI speed while Prolink can power up to 8mbps downstream).  The Aztech DSL605EW has a built-in DSL modem and a wireless router that supports 802.11b/g/g+ access point auto rate capable up to 125Mbps armed with 4 LAN ports and two antennas.(I won’t be talking more about its specs, please have it on Google if you need)
We are using this Aztech DSL605EW for almost 4 weeks. After we have ended our subscription to PLDT myDSL we try out Globe because of its affordable DSL packages and seemingly good connection here in Davao City. The Aztech DSL605EW is good all-in-one broadband solution gadget but you’ll need to know some its pros and cons based on my observation below:

*One-Time Setup- Aztech DSL605EW is a plug and play device; no need to install any software in a CD. Both the modem and router setup menu are accessible in one place that allows you to configure all the settings quickly. Also, the configuration will be done by the Globe’s technical team however, you can’t setup the device by you alone because it needs to verify online.

*Cable Free-As I’ve said its all-in-one. Using Aztech you’re free from troubles of loose cables from a conventional modem to router link. When, a network trouble occur you would only check the DSL cable if it’s properly connected as well as going to the LAN ports.

*Instant Game Blocking- one its advantage is the built-in game blocking feature which allows the network administrator to quickly block online games in different categories. Also you can block games apps by port blocking.
*Easily get hot-No matter how cold inside the office, Aztech easily get hot and I suspect it causes the router to hang frequently. I think the manufacturer should put a small fan inside the device to maintain its cool temperature. Note that modem alone turns hot when used 24/7 how much more if combined with router.

*Can’t Change Admin Password easily-Unlike to standalone routers, you can’t change the Admin password in Aztech without contacting your technical support. During the setup I told their technical to allow me to access the router as possible so, they’ve change the password by contacting their main office at Cebu.

*Wi-Fi Key Issues-I have a problem with this devices particularly its Wi-Fi key. Whenever, I set the new Wi-Fi password and after some time it change back to the default one when the devices is restarted. Can’t figure out why it’s happening, maybe a firmware bug. I haven’t told the CS about the issue.

*Don’t resume quickly when restarted-I have observe also that when it hangs and restarting the device will takes more than a minutes to resume. Sometimes you will need to press the restart button thrice before it could resume successfully. You will notice the red light in the Internet LED if it hangs while it turns green when connected. There might be delay of synchronization between the router and the modem.

*No URL or Limited Web Filter capability-Here in our office, Social Media sites is blocked. Now, my problem is the limited web filter feature of Aztech which only allow the users to block games in the category list, block by keywords and block by ports. It doesn’t offer blocking users by IP/MAC address (range or individual) and URL blocking which I really need to do.No choice,I ended up blocking every PC in the office manually.

Hope it helps for Globe Broadband users like us. Please post your experience or share your thoughts about this post ty