Pinoy will unleash Timbre headphones: The Color of Music

Filipinos are really inborn genius and creative in terms of Technology. In fact this coming December, a Pinoy company will officially launch its special breed of headphones called Timbre, the color of music (visual audio). Timbre Headphones will be launched with Filipino inspired designs and artworks by Team Manila to show support to the local music industry.

Technical Specifications:
Loudhailer: 40 mm (Diameter)!
Frequency Range: 20-20,000 MHz!
Sensitivity: 110 dB!
Impedance: 32 Ohm S.P.L. (at 1 KHz)!
Maximum Power Input: 100 mW!
Plug (mm): 3.5 mm stereo!
Cable Length: ~ 1.5 m!
Accessory: Volume Control
Available Colors: Black and White
Timbre Gitara Black
Timbre Gitara White
Each item will be pack with box-type plastic blister pack for simplicity, transparent to show the design—coupled with art & words on cardboard wrapped around the box.

Timbre headphones cost around P2,499 and will be available on the following stores nationwide.
  • Team Manila LifeStyle
  • SOLE
  • The A.Shop ( Apple Retailer)
  • Wooden Canvass
  • Vinyl on Vinyl
  • SpotLight Productions
  • Mobile 1
  • Wardrobe.ph
Also check out at Zonta Alabang Christmas Carnival Bazaar and Global Pinoy Bazaar on December 17 and 18, 9am to 9pm at Cuenca Court, Ayala Alabang Village.

Interview with Paul Diaz -the owner of STARTUP-UPSTART ENTERPRISES, the company behind TIMBRE (thru email)
Bennix:” Why the company created Timbre Headphones?”

Paul Diaz: “We love art and music, and now we finally have a medium to combine both--Headphones!  We love urban / street culture, the lifestyle, and the fact that all these things combined bring color to our otherwise black and white world.  At the end of the day, it's about doing what we love, with people (our consumers) who believe in the same values.”

Bennix: “What's the edge of Timbre headphones compared to others?”

Paul Diaz:” I'd like to think it's in the brand proposition of VISUAL AUDIO, the structure of the headphones (modern), and the design-driven attributes (we will work with design studios and musicians in all our designs).  What's more, TIMBRE is all about collaborations (or jam sessions, as we like to call them) and supporting local music

Bennix:Where the customer could avail the Timbre products?”

Paul Diaz:Online stores (timbre website, wardrobe.ph, team manila lifestyle online store), Team Manila stores, The A Shop (Apple Retailer), Mobile 1, Analog Soul, Sole Project Flip Flops, Vinyl on Vinyl, Wooden Canvas.  I'm currently speaking with more retailers, so this list will definitely increase.

Bennix:” How’s the after sales support?”

Paul Diaz: ”At least 6 months limited warranty for product defects.  I'll have a page for this on my website soon.”