AEON Towers SmartHomeTech: One of the First in the Philippines!

Today, we will be talking about Smart Home Technology.  Along with the Soft Launching last week of Aeon Towers , the Davao’s future finest and tallest condo had showcased its one of the first Smart Home Technology in the Philippines  setup by Bayantel with high-end sets of IT equipments from Cisco. And being an IT personnel of our company, I was appointed to assist Bayantel in this project that’s why I get this chance to post about it.
AEON Towers Launching pic
 What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home Technology is simply an automation technology that connects all your appliances, machines, and gadgets making them to communicate with each other. Have you remember watching a Hollywood movie that an actor uses his gadget to control everything inside the house?  Well, that was in reality now in PH!
A handy tablet serves as your mobile control in your Condo
Generally, Smart Home Technology top purpose is to provide a total convenience, accessibility and security to the client.Imagine, even if you in the abroad you can still see your condo using a small gadget connected with the Internet and do a lot of stuffs like you’re there. You can setup your device to call authorities if someone will enter your house w/o your consent or see your kids when you’re in Travel. That’s Smart Home Technology.

Inside the AEON Towers SmartHomeTech 

The rooms are equipped with programmable digital radios called ZigBee that connects wirelessly to electrical switches wherein it controls the lights, electric meters, and other consumer equipments. Zigbee works better than Bluetooth and Infra-Red because its frequency could penetrate walls and works with unlimited distance using wireless signal by linking up to other devices with Zigbee protocol.
A programmable switch
The gadget in the image below is the handy Master Control Panel, a 7-inch-sized Cisco tablet and wall-mounted in the kitchen area that basically allows you to control the lightning system, monitor your condo temperature, water and consumption, sounds, access security features and even browsing the Internet.It has built-in speaker and Mic.
Your  Master Control Panel
Apart from the MCP and a Universal Cisco SCC Remote 150 remote control the user could use also the handy tablet to monitor everything in the condo when he/she is not around. The user could programmed the room light effects, play sounds, control the TV viewing time for kids,  surf the internet  thru Wi-Fi and  lot more customizable  features.

The WiFi signal inside the condo  were enhance thru wireless devices such as Cisco routers, switches and wires connected to Fiber Optic terminal embedded in a small cabin. 
Control4 Door Lock powered by Zigbee
Embedded networking equipment
Aeon Towers SmartHome Tech key Features
  • Video Door phone
  • Real-Time Video
  • Channel Modulators
  • Sunlight Sensor
  • Audio System
  • Mobile Entry
  • Digital Reminders
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Remote Thermo Stat Control
  • Mobile Remote Control
  • High Video Conferencing
  • Built-in web Server
Cisco's Video Conferencing Phones
SmartHome Tech has its various features it depends on the client demands with its respective cost.

I will update this post soon…thanks for reading.