Bennixville Dot Com Domain Giveaway Winner & the Monthly Blogstar

It’s been two months when I launched this giveaway as a part of giving back to my readers for being supportive by continuously imparting their knowledge in Bennixville thru feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate all of those.

Without further ado, I would announce now the winner of the Bennixville .Com Domain Giveaway for the top commenter. Drum roll please…….yeah !!!!!!!!

You’re now a dot com blogger…..Kira Permunian of LS Geekster  and  AJ Banda of Beneath the Tree! Congratulations and Kodus. I’ll contact you soon guys…

BTW,the winner was chosen by the number of post he/she made a feedback based on the disqus widget in the sidebar for which it tracks since before July 2011. Excluding me because I am in the top my friend.lol…  

Many thanks to all who blog and share the contest. More more contest to come and wish you all the best!
Bennixville’s Monthly BlogStar
Please read…

Starting November 2011, Bennixville will start featuring bloggers around the Philippines to inspire our blogmates and help each other towards success.

Bennixville will features bloggers that are hardworking, inspiring, fruitful, influential and excellent in their respective fields.

Featured bloggers will receive a merit accordingly.

Just stay tuned and I will update you soon as I am planning everything on it.Cheers!