Improving your blog readership and traffic with YouSaytoo-Review

What is YouSayToo?
YouSayToo is a free PR 4 blog submission directories started in 2006.Aside from it’s capacity to submit your blog for free, YouSaytoo also has the revenue sharing features where bloggers could set up their Adsense and Amazon affiliate accounts then, get 50% on every earnings or donate it to the needy.
In YouSayToo you can rate blogs, write a review, add friends and directly contact other blogger online. New readers could easily follow your blog, subscribe or follow you on facebook another great way for exposure.

YouSayToo also has Banner Link Exchange features where bloggers could place the banner below their post area to promote their co-bloggers and vice versa.
If you love flash games in YouSayToo, you’ll find thousands of it. You can add flash games, play or even write games review for your followers and fans.

 YouSayToo supports Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, FaceBook and other blogging platforms.

How Do I know YouSayToo?
The person who introduce to me with YouSaytoo is George Cruger from IsYouBored, a humor blogger and a good friend of mine. During that time we chat in FB and exchanges tips about how to gain traffics in blogging, I actually offered him the Zimbio and he invited me to join with YouSayToo.

It was only two weeks when I started getting 10 to 20 visits a day from YouSayToo. It was so effortless to gain friends, connect with other bloggers, and my daily post get exposure from the thousands of readers and members who uses YouSayToo.

Being satisfied and happy with the first result I submitted also my other blogs and invite more friends. Some of them join, others do not, maybe they will… after reading this post.lol...

Just to share because this is so small and even not impressive to brag of, check my screenshots below:
How to Start with YouSayToo?
1.You will need to register at YouSayToo
2.Add the YouSayToo Badge in your blog as a requirement
3.Add your blog(s)
4.Setup your adsense and amazon affiliate accounts
5.Add more friends
6.Subscribe, review, comments to other blog and I know they do the same.
7.Place the Banner Link Exchange if you feel for the advantage
8.Monitor your stats and connect with blogger that have the same interest with you

1. Easy Interface
2. Automatic content fetching with RSS
3. Totally Free to join
4. Revenue sharing is available to all countries
5. Always uptime
6. I love the Flash games to kill my boredom in blogging
7. You can collectively add friends

1. Poor in Back-linking performance-Not Do Follow
2. Shared links thru message is not clickable (hassle somehow)
3. Lots of spammers
4. Less bloggers exciting activities

How to gain more friends in YouSayToo?(Plus Tips)
In any blogging communities you need friends for connection, exposure and reputation building. Here in YouSayToo everything is simple just being patient and spend a little time to collect your friends.

Our target is to get more more friends regardless of their blogging niches, interest, so on and support because all of them are potentials of being your loyal readers in time.

These are the steps:
1.       Find the most popular, active and old time bloggers in YouSayToo and get friends with them
2.       Find the blogger that has a lot of friends probably thousands and you can collectively add them all in one-time (a great advantage compared to twitter).
3.       Next, when your ADD someone as your friend, it’s better to subscribe and follow them directly. Because whenever they accept you it saves time to take other actions and impressions. It’s a plus actually when you follow other first.
4.        When they accept your friend request be polite with them and send even a little thank you and invite them in your actually blog.

Lastly, don’t forget to add us the moment you join at YouSayToo.lol…

 Kind bloggers at YouSayToo..:)
-TextMaster / Blogging-Techies
-Wil126 /Bloggasaurus
-JRPlaza/Always 10
-others (please let me know so I can add you here…)

What can you add about YouSayToo? Write it down in the comment box and let’s discuss.