Experience the Windows Live Writer for your Blog

Hello mate.
I didn’t know  Windows Live Writer not until I have read  Michael Aulia’s
postat CravingTech.com of his “Tools of the Trade” slides after the famous 
tech blogger attended the late Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 at ZINC, Federation 
Square, Melbourne together with blogging start Darren Rowse and  300 
others.Great right?
Experience the Windows Live Writer for your Blog
I have downloaded the slides and that I ‘ve learn more deeper things in 
blogging from it.
What is Windows Live Writer?
To get straight Windows Live Writer is a flexible blogging tool that helps
a blogger  to getpublishing a post easily done.Windows Live Writer looks 
like your conventional word processor but works better than that.WLW 
can synchronize with your blog accounts enabling you to write and
publish articles even without switching a windows and copy-pasting.
  • You can insert images, photo album, videos, maps, and emotIcons
  • You can tweak paragraph headings, insert line breaks and split post
  • Allows you to insert ads, hyperlinks, post tags, tables and even quotes
  • You can perform spelling checking, word counts, and other post options
  • Text lay-outs and formatting made easy
  • Wide space, allows you to draft, publish and even printing your post locally
What are the Advantages?
First, you should try it. Windows Live Writer is totally free, easy to setup and flexible.There are  lot of plugins, more fantastic plugins that makes it flexible.
Windows Live Writer supports popularplatforms like blogger, wordpress, etc 
that’s why professional blogger used it.
Windows Live Writer 2011
Final Words
Windows Live Writer  solves my worries about post formatting  issue in 
blogger like inserting tables and image slideshow in the post.With WLW it
helpsme to void some parsing problem or bugs from copy and pasting 
method that frequently caused me a headache in my blog.You can also 
freely resize your images like in wordpress without even changing any 
params frame value.lol… 

With Windows Live Writer I am not always obliged to login with my blog 
account but still I can post on-the-go and hassle free.

Like many other bloggers I begin to appreciate plugins and more 
plugins are available for Windows Live Writer for you to enjoy.
Make a try and give me your feedback later…Smile