Wordpress Powers 50M Blogs Right Now(2011)

Recently, WordPress puts a counter on its site, counting the number of WordPress installations on their own servers and self hosted blogs as well, on which developers, designers and other users have decided to take control of their own installations of WordPress. Currently, the open-source software has served 350,2225 WordPress.com bloggers post 302,882 posts and more than 270,000 comments, which means 210 posts and 188 comments are posted every minute. There are about 287 million people accounting for 2.5 billion pageviews on WordPress.com blogs, reading posts written in over 120 languages per month. How did WordPress do that?
This is must not the first time the question how did WordPress do that has been asked obviously. The answers maybe remarkably consistant: Open Source, easy to install and with huge community…

Before WordPress’s success, Movable Type has been accepted by a vast majority of people. It changed its license in 2004 which is proved to be a significant turning point for WordPress for a number of loyal Movable Type users switching to WordPress. As an open source coded in PHP blogging software, WordPress is so compatible with a significant majority of shared hosts out there, Users may feel more comfortable working with PHP. Due to the open source nature of WordPress, there is an established active community, meaning that ideas can be shared and support is readily available on a large range of issues.

WordPress is extraordinary simply to install, easy to use and can be customized in several minutes via the use of the theme support, which played a significant role in its growth and adoption rate. Individual preset-templates can be accessed for free at the click of a button and users can create their own templates. Its famous 5-minute install thanks to its PHP's deployment model. Users cannot underestimate how important ones installation experience with a piece of software is, because it frames every subsequent experience and impression they have of the software. When users were weighing their options on blogging tools, install time is an important point.

WordPress’ large community is one important asset of WordPress' success. When users began to rely on WordPress as their primary, the community steadily formed. Currently, a perfect economy ecosphere around WordPress consulting and professional services ultimately gave rise to "Premium Themes." When it is proved that there was a viable business model in selling themes, the theme market began and boosted. More and more people are investing, making money and for WordPress which made the platform lively.

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