How to get rid of Normal 0 False False Error in Blogger?-Solved

It was almost 7 months ago when I first encountered this error in my blogging experience , I call it “Normal 0 False False error”. These usually happens in Blogger.com platform especially if you are using a template with read more feature.A shown below you will see lines of text like these: “Normal 0 False False EN-US X-NONE-X MicrosoftInternet Explorer4”.
I don’t really  understand those lines of text and I can’t find any reference about it in the Internet.I found out that there’s  a lot people who have encountered the same issue. I suspect that blogger can't parse the generated codes when you copy and paste your drafts from MS Word or any word processor. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, you will find related words which I have encircled and the whole lines of codes here was generated automatically after I paste my draft came from MS Word:
The screenshot was taken in Edit HTML Mode.Double click to view in full...

I won’t prolong your agony, here’s a simple steps on how to fix it.
1.Login to your Blogger Account
2.Choose post to Edit where the error appears  
3.In your post highlight all your text including your images(Press CTRL + A)
4.after step 3, cut all the highlighted content( Press CTRL + X)
5.Press, the Publish button even there’s no content or blank
6.Toggle to edit your post again & paste all the copied content (CTRL + V)
7.Finally, Re-published your content. Your done.congrats!

Note: After doing step 3, don’t paste your cutted content in MS Word or anywhere just proceed to next steps immediately ‘till finish-these would preserve your curent content lay-out or else it will become messy again.
Hope this would help you a little.Keep blogging..:)