Confirmed: Globe DSL and Landline is Down in Davao –Network Problem

Just this morning (June 8) One of my friend in an Internet Café call for help but I’m too busy that I came late in the afternoon in their Internet Shop .When he says that there was no Globe connection, I check everything (the landline and router)and indeed  Globe suffers a very serious problem , Both DSL and Internet is disconnected. Oh no…..-!
I contacted their Technical and report the scenario and they confirmed that there was a network problem with Globe. I said to my friend that we can do nothing but to wait. The firm was not sure about the coverage of the affected area but Davao is one.No details about the cause of the network problem maybe this is due to typhoon that hit some areas in Mindanao.

It was last month when Globe encounters a chaotic connection in mobile that long almost a week and now it’s their DSL and Landline is both down. Hope Globe would fix the problem ASAP. It’s like they’re killing their customers.