NComputing L-Series: The Technology that started to kill the Desktops!

As the years go by, desktop computing evolution becomes too fast. If you could remember when Pentium 4 starts to rock, then just few a years, Dual Core was born, and now, there’s Quad-core generation and what’s next? The software and hardware are chasing each other to cope up with the requirement and demands. So fast, that we can realize that “everything is a game of wasting money”. If you own a hundreds of computers in your business you will be bombarded with upgrade and maintenance cost every year, so waste if money that it must be used in expansion but good news here’s would be your wise alternative…there’s a company called “NComputing”.

Maybe, I talk much and you think puzzled why I wrote the keyword” Desktop Killer” as the part of the title and what does it mean? Well, don’t be confused I am talking about the Virtual Desktop technology that would compliment the Cloud Computing soon. Here’s the story…

NComputing's Background
Way back to 2003, a Korean-based company name Ncommputing was founded headed by the former VP of eMachines and later partnered with a German entrepreneur nameKlaus Maier (formerly CEO of hydrapark) who had spent more than ten years developing the core software on which NComputing is based.

NComputing is a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware and software to create virtual desktops which enable multiple users to simultaneously share one computer.The company supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. The name "NComputing" comes from the mathematical term "n" which stands for an indefinite number (in this case) of additional users sharing a single computer.(for full info read here)

Computing offers several solutions and 3 series of products; the X-Series, U-Series and our most highlight is the L-Series ( read about X and U series here) which was the most popular in the market today.

NComputing L-Series access devices connect each user’s keyboard, mouse and monitor back to the shared PC over standard Ethernet cables through a router or switch without using a PCI or even a system unit. The setup would be host and client. So, whatever applications installed in the server, the client could access it in real-time using the L-Series kit. An entry-level server supports approximately 30 users so, add another server for expansion as many you wish.

The entry-level L130 provides all of the basic features needed for a good virtual desktop experience, complete with keyboard, mouse, monitor and speaker connections. The L230 adds a USB port for connecting storage devices, a microphone port, and more color depth for an even better user experience. The L300 delivers the best possible virtual desktop 
experience with the addition of a high-performance video acceleration system that supports full screen motion video, higher screen resolutions and more USB peripheral ports.

The most latest of the L-Series is the  L-300 unit , the edge comprises  with 2 remote USB, 2 microphone jack,3 speaker jack,  4/5 USB 1.1(keyboard & Mouse), 2 VGA port and on/off switch as well-this unit gives you the full graphics and port support.

The NComputing L-Series kit is ideally placed at the back of your monitor for safety and convenience. I have heard also that there would some monitor that will embed L-Series to 
provide wholesome components in the future.

  1. Thrifty, since you don’t need to buy the whole desktop set for client, less maintenance cost.
  2. Easy to setup, troubleshoot and maintain-you will only focus on the server/ network stability
  3. User Friendly- Don’t need many drivers and supports
  4. Save space in your environment and less waste-(no need for a big cabinet for System Unit, avoid messy setup)
  5. Saves Energy- L-Series is consumes 12V of your current and no need much air-conditioning since it’s less heat.
  6. Portable and Resilient
  7. Saves from Licensing Cost- you will only need to buy a license for server if you want.
  8. Centralized control- The server could control everything with regards to security, monitoring and functionalities. 
  1. L-Series doesn’t couldn’t run Gaming Apps that requires big Graphics requirement but that would be their move in the future.
  2.  Problems with Monitor Resolution- Some people has a problem with L-Series and need to adjust the  resolution to make their monitor works properly.
  3.  No Wireless features as of this time
  4.  .Need extensive security on the Server/Host since it powers the entire client.
  5. Server need high specs component to cater all client needs like space, motherboard speed,processor and other related concerns.
I think this technology is best for establishments like school with computer laboratories, companies that needs an audio visual conference room and this also good for Internet CafĂ© Shops however, as of this time it needs more improvement to run big games whether offline or online in the clients  computer 

Price and Warranty.
The NComputing L-300 kit would cost around PhP 10,000 (over $ 239) and with 3 years of warranty; two years longer than desktop.

NComputing Partners
NComputing is a partner of Microsoft, VMware,AB Tutor Control, LG Network Monitor D-Series, Seal Shield - Keyboards and Mice, Logitech Keyboards and Mice, Faronics Insight, InterCafe 2008 Cybercafe and Callshop Software, LanSchool v7.2,iTALC, NetSupport School, Deep Freeze Server, Sequence Software, Classworks, TrueCafe, Lightspeed Systems and Kill a Watt

Final Thoughts:
NComputing has received a lot of rewards from the Tech Industry maybe because of their great product. I think this not impossible for them because they’ve got a lot of notable employees that comprises their team (people from Microsoft, AM, Citrix,Sun Microsystem, WYSE , eMachines and so on).

Maybe you will think why NComputing was not popular compared to other tech brands because even there’s a lot tech supplier who know this product they don’t promote it so, NComputing deals it directly to their client. (As what I have said, this is desktop killer technology). Could you imagine, you will only buy one full desktop set for the server and the rest would be the monitor and the L-Series kit for the client, no more extra expensive motherboard, hard disk, RAM, CPU’s, etc.

 For more info please visit the NComputing website.