Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Tool: An Excellent Utility for Network Administrators-Review

There’s a lot of tools that can help you monitor your Wi-Fi status .Wi-Fi Monitoring Software will tell you how good is your Wi-Fi in terms of signal strength, range capabilities ,internet speed and so on.

And if you will ask me what I am using, I will recommend Xirrus Wifi Inspector Tool, a free tool for  Wi-Fi created by Xirrus.com, a Wi-Fi certified company that exist long ago. They offers a lot of  Wi-Fi kit, Arrays, accessories (hardware)  and freebies (softwares) to cater  your needs.

Back to Xirrus Wifi Inspector Tool, is free and powerful utility that works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as on Mac OS 10.5 or higher.XWI tool allows network administrator to manage,troubleshoot and test Wi-Fi network instantly.

In the main menu, you will see the Radar figure that shows all the reachable Wi-Fi spot around your position with corresponding dBm.

According to About.com, db is a standard unit for measuring the strength of Wi-Fi wireless radio signals. Decibels are also used as a measure for audio equipment and some other radio electronics including cell phones.While the “m”  in dBm  represent miliwatts of electrical unit.So, Wi-Fi equipment with a relatively larger dBm value is capable of sending or receiving wireless network traffic across greater distances. However, larger dBm values also indicate the WiFi device requires more power to operate, which translates to decreased battery life on mobile systems.

With Xirrus WiFi Inspector you can track the signal(express in dBm),network mode(802.11 b/g/n),Encryption, Authentication, Channel, Frequency and the Network type as well as the connection history  of the Wi-Fi.

Another benefits of using Xirrus WiFi Inspector is the integrated  test menu like speed test, quality test, and connection test.
Speed Test- automatically open the speedtest.net  and execute speed test of your Wi-Fi
Quality Test- Determine your real-time internet performance.

Connection Test- Just doing your common task of pinging Google but this time it will display  some significant info.

XWI tool you can also view some of the important addresses of the network like MAC , IP, DNS and gateway .

If you wish to connect or disconnect to a certain Wi-Fi  then you can use XWI as an alternative.I recommend this tool to be installed in your laptop, it works best.

The Wi-Fi Monitor gadget can be used for a number of practical applications, including:
• Searching for Wi-Fi networks
• Displaying laptop wireless settings 
• Verifying Wi-Fi coverage (site survey) 
• Locating Wi-Fi devices
• Detecting rogue APs 
• Verifying AP settings 
• Aiming Wi-Fi antennas
• Wi-Fi Education

• At-a-glance radar view of available Wi-Fi networks and their relative distance
• Current Wi-Fi connection signal strength with 5 minute history
• Display of Wi-Fi adapter IP and MAC addresses
• Details on available Wi-Fi networks – SSID, channel, security, type, etc.
• Support for multiple adapters
• Summary view when on sidebar, expanded view when operating on desktop
• 9 different color skins

Pros: Free ,User Friendly, Cool and Professional Interface
Cons: No Network Map , Requires .Net Framework 2.0 on some machines,  Requires Wireless adapter for desktop.

Want to know more, watch this video courtesy of youtube.com

Try Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Tool and share to others!
For installation guide,please read the manual.