myPhone QTV20 Dou Review

Last December, I was able to purchase my own My Phone QTV20 Dou and have been using it for a month already. Everything is working fine so far and no performance issue.

Dual SIM Qwerty Phone
Mobile TV
GSM Triband
2.2” 220 X 176 pixels TFT
VGA Camera
Mp3 player/Stereo FM Radio
Expandable Memory up to 4GB
Mobile TV

Impression: My Phone QTV20 Dou is loaded with web apps like Facebook, Twitter, YM and MSN. The Pinoy menu contains the My Faith (Catholic worshiping guides), My Country (Phils Literature,etc ),myLove (Multimedia group menu) and the myNegosyo (Mobile business). My Phone QTV20 has a clear and loud sound, could play FM radio with or w/o enhancement, the mobile display is good depending on the environment and the channel. 

Black interface, white text color, with Antenna for mobile TV and has a Philippine map paint at the back of the phone.

Allows loudspeaker, configure the Dual SIM, View Images, take a picture , compose music, play mp3,  connect with the Internet thru GPRS,and support 500 phonebook entries.

My Phone QTV20 Dou battery could last up to 1 to 3 regular texting and call use. Also can connect to a computer through USB 2.0 cable and you can easily transfer files from your MMC to any storage devices.

*Clear and loud sound
*Thick USB Cable(it's plug and play)
*1 year replacement and warranty
* Better customer support

*No Selections of theme or no theme.
*Camera performance is poor.
*The Pinoy menu don't work(You will need to download from the myPhone's site)
*Cannot play video files ( The video box is not yet available according to MyPhone manufacturer, expected to be available this month(January). To avail just go to MyPhone service center and they will install it for free.
*Internet connectivity needs GPRS account.

My Phone QTV20 Dou cost around 2,500 to 3000 pesos ($100) nationwide as of this writing.