How to Connect / Disconnect Wi-Fi connection in Nokia C6?

Nokia c6 is another mobile phone created by Nokia with loaded social media and multimedia apps, and Wi-Fi feature is one of the highlights.If you don't know how to connect Nokia c6 to your accessible Wi-Fi hotspot here's your guide.

Guide to Connect Nokia c6 to Wi-Fi:
Usually,when you first use Nokia c6 there's no Wi-Fi icon in the Home menus, follow this steps to continue:
1. Go to Settings
2. Find WLAN set to turn on
3. Select the Wi-Fi Zone you want to connect
4. Press connect button 
5. if prompted to enter the Username and Password of the Wi-Fi do it

Check the Wi-Fi icon in the Home menu and begin surfing.

Guide to Disconnect Nokia c6 to WiFi:
1. Go to Settings
2. Find Connectivity menu > WLAN
3. proceed to Connection Manager
4. Select the Wi-Fi network
5. Click the option menu > Disconnect

Your Done!
****I am not working in Nokia nor a technician and this tips is based on my own experience with Nokia c6.****

Still confused? watch this video tutorial: