My Network Places in XP Freeze and Empty - Solved

One day me and my co-IT personnel encounter a little problem with one of our PC in the office. Seems all things are fine but when you open the My Network Places it would freeze for so long and became empty or blank. You can’t open the workgroup or the Shared file links while it is freezing, so bad.

When we click on the Workgoup a network error message will pop up as shown:

There were no problems with cables because it shows 100 percent connection to LAN and Firewall was disabled. I was confused also because I can’t find solution in the Internet but luckily we have solved it by an experiment.

To solve this problem do the following tips:

1.Check the LAN cable. Your LAN cable must be attached properly from your computer to switch or router. Bad cables due to wrong splicing, crimping, cuts or destroyed by pest can cause connection problem and slow network performance.

2.Check your Firewall. You can disable your windows Firewall for the main time to see if it cause you’re my Network places slowness or freezing. Also check your Antivirus firewall settings if it block network activity.

3.Check the Network Configuration.Check your IP address and workgroup name, network configuration error is the most common reason why your network freeze or fail.

4.Delete all Shared Folder Links.Lastly, this solves our problem with Network Places :
Open the Network Places, wait until it will open. In our case it takes 20-25 minutes before we see the Network Places area. Then, this is it DELETE ALL SHARED FILE LINKS! Next, close the window and open the My Network Places. 

5.It works right? Congrats. This solution works on our situation.

*** If you have questions please feel free to comment or suggest. Thank you***