How to Scan Documents and Save it to your USB drive with kyocera- KM2810?

If your task is to scan files using Kyocera-KM2810 or any Kyocera digital photocopier and save the output directly to your USB drive then follow this tips.
Kyocera KM2810 has a digital scanning feature
Kyocera supports .pdf, tiff and other image format for your scan documents output. You can also customize the paper size, color, resolution 
and other customizable attributes.

Steps to Scan Files in Kyocera and Save the output to your USB Drive:
1. Insert your Flash / USB Drive in the USB Port
2. Place the document in the Platen / Document Feeder
3. Press the Document Box button in Kyocera
4. When it display your USB Drive, Press the OK button in Kyocera
5. After pressing the OK button, choose the Store File menu and press OK
7. Press the Start button in Kyocera to begin Scanning.(the default paper is Letter or Short)
8. After the Scanning is done,the file will be directly saved in your Flash Drive and it will display a message in the Kyocera Mini Screen " Registered Documents 201002...blah..blah- this could be the file name
   save in your USB drive
9. Press the Menu button to remove safely your drive then disconnect your USB drive from Kyocera
10. Insert your USB Drive in your Computer and find your document.

Customizing the paper size, resolution and other attributes.
1. Before doing the step 7 above, press the Function Menu
2. In the Function Menu window scroll down and find the paper size or any menu you need to customize
3. Then press OK and change the value
4. After the you have done the settings press the Back button below the screen and proceed to Step 7 

Your Done!