How to Find Hidden Files in the Internet Café?

How to Find Hidden Files in the Internet Café without using any software or tampering the registry?

Usually, Internet Café's strategy to protect their system and application files is to hide  all drives in My Computer.

If you have notice on the screenshot above,you can't see any drive except for your removable that you have inserted and you can't spot any files around.Now, consider this is a hacking tips but please do not use this guide to exploit others.I insist do not delete their files, just copy and get what you like.

To Find Hidden Files in the Internet Café do the following tips:

1. If you are looking for a game file, find any game shortcut icons in the desktop or any location.

2. Right click on the apps icon and  choose properties.( I choose Warcraft here).A new little window will be opened.

3. Then, Click the Find Target button as shown:
4. After clicking the Find Target button you will see the hidden Warcraft 3 files in our sample.

5. Finally, to see the group files click the UP button as shown above: 
Note: You must click the UP button to see all games files in folder.

Works right? Have fun!

***Do not abuse.Taking permission from the attendant is better than stealing***