How to Remove Recycler Virus?[Solved]

Recycler Virus is associated with System Volume  Information file that collects all Recylce Bin deleted items. Though it is not  as critical as any other viruses but it's annoying that every time it appears in your system drives.

Enable your Show Hidden Files menu using the Folder Option and you will see the two files: 
 Recycler and System Information. Recycler usually carried from your Flash Drives (USB) and triigered by autorun file then, it will penetrate and infect your system.

 Remember the following things when you encounter this virus:

 1. Your System Restore is Disabled
 2. You can delete the Recycler or System Info file using Unlocker but it keeps coming back.
 3. Gradually your PC will become slow
 4. Sometimes this virus disconnect your Internet and infect your Host Files
 5. Recycler consumes disk space because it will collect all the deleted files
 6. Sabotage windows Firewall and ICS Settings
 7. Corrupt the Host File and Disable Internet

Many tutorial says that using bat files, unlocker, file deleter,or manually delete those Recycler folder will solved but It doesn't work  in my case. 

Using Avast Boot Time Scan to stop RECYCLER Virus
1. Install Avast Antivirus in your unit. If you don't have the setup Download it here.
2. After Installing ,Schedule a Boot Time Scan. Select all drives to be scan.
3. Restart your PC
4. After the Windows Logo appear, Avast will start to scan.

5. Read the instruction when threat is detected. If will prompts you to press 1 to delete , 2 to Delete All or blah.....blah...blah..
6. Wait the untill the scan is finished.

Using Windows Mini XP to Delete RECYCLER Virus
Windows Mini XP can be found in Hiren's Boot Disc that allows to do many important maintenance and troubleshooting task in your XP without booting on infected operating system. Now do the following:
1. Download Hiren's Disc here. It's around 300 to 500 mb.

2. Burn Hiren's Disc Image file into CD using Nero or PowerISO

3. Restart your PC and boot in Hirens Disc CD

4. On menu select Mini XP to load.Wait until the loading process is done.
5. When open, go to My Computer and navigate on all Drives ( C, D, E, F,etc.) then, delete the RECYCLER  Folder and System Volume Information File.Success.

6. You done and you can do other task to clean you PC using Hirens Disc Bunch of Tools

Note: You can remove also RECYCLER threat using SuperAntispyware just update your tools.

That's it your done!Hope I have help.