Removing Repeating Header and Footer in MS Word 2007

Adding Header and Footer will make your documents looks moreprofessional and fancy. I am going to tell you how to customize it,to addresswhat you need. Just bear in mind that there’s no magic on this tutorial youmust read and follow patiently.

Note: In this tutorial I am using MS Word 2007. Just explorefor your older version.

How to Remove Repeating Header and Footer in every Page 
1.  First, open you MS Word File.
2.  In the Menu bar, click Insert tab and find InsertHeader and Footer as shown: 

3.Now, left click the Header or Footer as you cansee a drop menu will show a list of lay-outs for inserting header and footer. As youscrolled down, you will notice that some lay-outs are labeled Odd page / EvenPage as shown below:
4.Before selecting one of those lay-outs, let meexplain why there is an odd and even pages.
Just a simple review in your math,there is an odd and even numbers likewise with your word pages example:1,3,5,7,9,11,13 are examples of OddPage Number while 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 are examples of Even PageNumber.

5. Now, in the header lay-out options  choose Contrast (Either Odd or Even)
6. After, you have entered the header and footertext. In the Design Tab put check in the Different Odd and Even pages – Thisoption provides you the control to what pages would Header and Footer accordingto the page number (odd / even)as shown:

7. 1. In the common settings Even Pages have no headerand footer. Header and Footer appears only only to Odd Pages. See my examplebelow: 1, 3,5- with HF and 2,4 - no HF

8.Since our concern here is to disable the appearance of the header in footer from the 2nd to the last page we will insert even pages of Header and Footer.
9. After you have inserted the even pages deletethe sample text and  Close the Header andFooter Menu as shown:

1.     10.  Press enter until another page will show up to 5or more. You will see that only the first page has the Header and Footer. Thesecond to the last has no Header and Footer.

Note: If you add the first header andfooter to the even page numbers all even page numbers will be affected andlikewise with odd pages.