My First Payout with Involve Asia | It's 100% Legit!

Finally, I've got my first payout with Involve Asia affiliate marketing through Paypal. The withdrawal process was smooth, and it only took me three days to receive my payment. I've received a total commission of 114.56 MYR, equivalent to $24.78 less all the fees. I joined Involve Asia in 2021 to try out this affiliate platform as an alternative source of passive income. 

How I Joined Involve Asia? 

I was searching for how to join Shopee affiliate when I learned about IA on Youtube. I registered immediately and added my blogs but to my dismay, they all got rejected. Buti nalang may nabasa ako na mas mabilis daw ma-approved pag social media pages. Kaya gumawa ako ng isang page specifically built to promote products from Shopee and Lazada. Ayun na-approved agad pag-apply ko. 

Why It Took Me A Year to Receive My First Payout? 

The main reason is matagal kasi validate ng earnings si Involve Asia and hindi ako consistent in promoting the links (just doing it part-time). Honestly, I was also demotivated by the low commission fee. What I've learned is you have to get the "Black level" of membership to earn more bonuses and perks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining Involve Asia? 

• Easy to join 
• Well-updated website and convenient to navigate 
• Lots of featured offers to choose from 
• You can use deep link for your own purchase 

• Long earning validation 
• Low commission (MYR- based currency not USD!) 
• Withdrawal limit and fees for low membership level 
• There is commission capping for each category

Ending Notes: 

Like any other affiliate platform, Involved Asia is not for everyone looking for easy money. You have to be consistent and patient in promoting products to earn good commissions. Sa akin ginawa ko lang part-time so that's what the outcome is. What is important I know IA is legit and can be a source of income. If you want to join with Involved Asia affiliate program, please use this link to sign up.