My First Payout with Involve Asia | It's 100% Legit!

Finally, I've got my first payout with Involve Asia affiliate marketing through Paypal. The withdrawal process was smooth, and it only took me three days to receive my payment. I've received a total commission of 114.56 MYR, and it's equivalent to $24.78 less all the fees. I joined Involve Asia in 2021 to try this affiliate platform for an alternative source of passive income. 

How I Joined Involve Asia? 

I was searching for how to join Shopee affiliate when I learned about IA on Youtube. I registered immediately and added my blogs but to my dismay, they all got rejected. Buti nalang may nabasa ako na mas mabilis daw ma-approved pag social media pages. Kaya gumawa ako ng isang page specifically built to promote products from Shopee and Lazada. Ayun na-approved agad pag-apply ko. 

Why It Took Me A Year to Receive My First Payout? 

 Matagal kasi mag-validate ng earnings si Involve Asia and hindi ako consistent sa pag-advertise dahil na-demotivate ako dahil sa low commission. You have to get the Black level of membership to earn more bonuses and perks. I am also extremely busy working my home-based work and managing my computer shop. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining Involve Asia? 

My opinion is based on my experience only.

• Easy to join 
• Well updated website and convenient to navigate 
• Lots of featured offers to choose from 
• You can use deeplink for your own purchase 

• Long earning validation 
• Low commission (MYR pa ang based currency not USD) 
• Withdrawal limit and fees for low membership level 
• There is commission capping for each category

If you want to join with Involved Asia affiliate program, please use this link to sign up. 

 That's all I can share for now. I will update this post soo