Unfollow 1000+ Non-followers on Twitter in just a Minute

After I have shared to you the tools that will help to grow more your Twitter followers, I will teach you also how to deal with your unfollowers. Unfollowers are the people you follow but don’t follow you back. There are a lot of reasons why they don’t respond; maybe they’re inactive, busy online, you’re out of their Niche,or just simply quite.

Well, likely you will gain your own reason  too to stay away from them by UNFOLLOWING! Why?  Twitter maintains on what we called following and unfollowing proportion, you could only follow more than 2,000 people if you have over 2,000 followers (this to avoid API spamming and BOT abuse according by Twitter) .If you reach the 2k limit but your followers number quite small then, your next move is to quit following those people don’t follow you.

Spotting people manually who don’t follow you on Twitter is time-consuming activity. Your alternative is to find tools that would give you a complete list of your UNFOLLOWERS then, unfollow them massively, here’s ManageFlitter my favorite(available in free & pro version).
To start, please take note that ManageFlitter free version has the limit of 1000 people to unfollow per 24-hours.

1.Login to http://manageflitter.com/ and connect to your Twitter account
Click the Unfollow tab. Wait while displaying all the people that doesn’t follow you (in the upper part it will says how many of them).

2.To unfollow fast, click the Quick Edit to view to access the thumbnail view then, highlight them by dragging you mouse pointer around. You will see pink border to the highlighted avatar as shown:
3.Next, if you don’t want to unfollow all, try hitting the Deselect Popular or Verified filter (in the right side).

4.Finally, unfollow the selected people by pressing the UNFOLOW SELECTED the, it will processes quickly.
5.Just repeat the same steps until you reach the limit.

Congrats you have cleaned your Twitter!

Just to share more about on ManageFlitter it also allows you to check the following:
Not following back, No profile pic, Inactive, Quiet, Talkative, performs Bio search and Tweet Search. In the  ManageFlitter dashboard you can download the list of people following you or you follow (pro), Turn on/turn Off Google + sharing, and lot of things you can do if you will get the premium account.

I know there’s plenty of alternatives out there but their interface sucks and not even totally free to try. ManageFlitter is the best for people who want to manage their Twitter activity right on time.