Nero Vision 8: Not Available Enough Space for the Recording Process? Know How to Fix

I have encountered this problem before but I am just reluctant to find a solution then, last night, while burning some video clips (around 4GB of size), I have encountered this problem again.I have no choice but to find means to fix and luckily I have discovered it...:)

Nero frequently display this error message when you burn large sizes of files especially in video formats. This simply warns you to free up some space in your hard drive to be used for recording or sometimes your media does not have sufficient space for burning.But in this case lets consider that you have your new blank CD's & DVD's but still encounter this error message then you need to fix it up.

When you burn files with Nero it temporarily stores the files on this path: C:\DOCUME~1\bennix\LOCALS~1\Temp and accumulate this space until recording process will be completed.Notice also, that when you export or import a media file it will be stored automatically in your Nero Vision directory which really eat much space. Just imagine when I tried to export a single video, Nero output almost 5GB for which I patiently use a third party converting tools to lessen the files size then, delete the big one in the Nero Vision folder…

If you encounter this kind of problem just follow the steps below:

1. First make sure that you have an enough space in your system drive. For example, if you would burn around 4GB of video files see to it that you have more than 4GB available space in your drive C where temporarily directory belongs. To check free space, right click your Drive C and go to properties as shown:

To free up space:

1.       Delete unused Nero Vision Files like imported and exported audio and video which consume big space in your drive. Go to My Documents>Nero Vision open every folder and delete the unnecessary contents on it except for the Template folder.

2.       Perform Disk Clean Up

3.       Empty Recycle Bin

4.       And  delete other unnecessary files in your drives

Now try burning your video if you still encounter the said problem do the final solution…

2. Final Solution: Now after doing the step one and you still have a little space available let’s change the temporary directory. To do this:

1.  Find another Drive which has a huge free space and create a folder name Temp or any.

2.  Open the Nero Vision and Click the More>> link

3.  Then click Configure

4.  In the Application setting, click the FOLDERS tab as shown:

5.  In the Temporary Files, browse the Drive you allocated for Nero and point to the folder you have created( mine I named it “temp”).
You can also change the Nero Vision audio and video import and export directory as well but make sure you can remember the name easily.

6.  After doing step 5. Click the OK button and hit the Reduce>> link to minimize the menu.

7.  You’re done, try burn again and have fun!