MyPhone QTV20 Duo : Does not support Java

One of my friends from Facebook ask:

“kuya paano po bah mag install ng java sa myphone qtv20 duo kasi daw po java capable daw yung unit paano po ba..... salamat ..kasi po ay d ko alam”

I have contacted the MyPhone customer care line about this simple issue but no response until now. I have contacted them before , for about 3-4 times but even a short "Hello"  there's no feedback from them, reluctant to help us?

No Java in QTV20 Duo

I review my QTV20 Duo specs yesterday and found out that this phone does not support java. I also check  the specs in the myPhone website and also found out that QTV20 Duo is not Java capable.

Here's the list of myPhone series that supports Java:
•QP29 Duo
•QW28 Duo
•QV27 Duo "S Phone"
•T23 Duo

Usually Java is pre-installed on mobile phone (no installation needed). Java only works on Java capable devices.

Just right after posting this topic, I have received the reply of our query from myPhone says" Dear Sir,

"We thank you for your mail. Regarding your inquiry, please be informed that QTV20 is not Java capable and it can not be installed also".