3rd Generation Intel Ivy Bridge Processor Officially Launched in Davao City | The Next Wave of Ultrabooks!

Yesterday I got a chance to witness the launching of Intel Ivy Bridge 3rd Generation Processor held at The Pinnacle Hotel in Davao City headed by the Intel Philippines country manager Ricky Banaag with the press and bloggers participation…
Ricky Banaag, the Intel's Country Manager on Ivy Bridge Launching

Beyond the beyond : Intel Ivy Bridge Processor 3rd Gen

The Intel Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen Processors are designs for computer gamers, media enthusiast and alike mainstream users which is now available in high-end, desktop, laptop and All-in-One designs equipped with  the first world’s smallest chips using Intel’s 22-nanometer 3-D tri-Gate transistors technology ( as small as human virus)

The Ivy Bridge 3rd Gen will power the next wave of ultrabooks devices which offers more responsive and enhance security in a choice of designs from a 20 percent microprocessors performance improvements.

Banaag highlighted the companys efforts to deliver user-centric experiences across a range of mobile devices from Ultrabook to smartphones and tablets, pointing to the moment across all three.

“Our lives are defined by our senses—by what we see, hear and touch, “said Banaag.”These human senses are also at the foundation of intel’s vision for the Ultrabook to deliver a non-compromise must-have computing experience.
Ultrabooks powered by Ivy Bridge 3rd Processor
3Rd Gen Ivy Bridge Processor  Key Features:

-Multiple Monitor Support
An Ivy Bridge - powered   ultrabooks can support up to 3 monitors without an external high-end video cards.

-Up to Twice the HD Media and 3-D Graphics performance
The significant processor performance delivers the stunning visual experiences for gaming and HD graphics. In the demo, it shows that the ultra books laptops that have an Ivy bridge processor can power hungry- graphics games even without a high-end video graphics card. Not only that, the built-in Intel HD Graphics 400 is capable of doing ultimately fast multimedia transcoding in just a few seconds. For example, in converting HD videos in another format a 700mb video files, the PC that has an external graphics support did the job in 1.5 minutes but the Intel HD 4000 does in 14 seconds. Imagine how fast it is!

-Totally Responsive
The new ultrabooks devices wakes up in a flash, meaning systems will transition from hibernation mode to an active state in less than 7 seconds no waiting for slow OS loading.

-Intel Smart Connect Technology
 Helps keep an email and social networks automatically update even while Ultrabooks sleeps, thus conserving more power and battery life.

-Intel Anti-Theft Technology
This security features will help the users to protect their personal data which let them to disable the system if it is lost or stolen by simply sending a message on the device using the Internet.

-Intel Identify Protection Technology
Another security feature on Ivy Bridge powered ultrabooks where it keeps people to identify safe websites and social network log in.

-Intel Small Business Advantage (built for Enterprise usage)
The new ultrabooks has the built in Intel Core vPro processor platform that provides business security and performance features for enterprise needs towards innovative designs and manageability

-Innovative Designs
The  Intel bring will more designs  on ultrabooks with more than 110m designs expected on 2013 that can be touch, slide, flip, fold to  fully convertibles ultrabooks that no-compromise computing experience for consumers and business users.

Intel also unveils their coming Voice and Touch Computers, a new challenged to create computers that have senses like humans.
Wowee from Intel Demo the Ivy Bridge features
The Price
Different specs and brand names have different pricing but as of now the new ultrabooks price ranges in the market from $800 to $1600 around 33K to 69K in the Philippine currency. I’m not sure how much on the business package..

Ultrabook facts:
The Ultrabook was first introduced in 2011 Computex where now in the Philippines called in the Intel’s campaign as the “New Breed of Wow!”

With Most of the new Ultrabooks have no optical drives , sockets and more thinner hardwares
Design with Solid State Drive storage– SSD

RAM capacity ranges from 4GB to 8GB 

The new ultrabooks will have the Western, Medieval, Asian Korean / Chinese themes globally.
Newly purchased ultabooks in the Philippines will have a free notebook sleeve and 1 month free PLDT Wi-Fi access.

The brand names that will support the Ivy Bridge 3r Gen Processor are Toshiba, NEO, Asus, Samsung, HP, Acer,Dell, Lenovo,and others.