Infolinks Officially Launch Search Widget- the Click Magnet!

Infolinks, the Pay Per Click with Contextual ads company officially launch its Search Widget called the Click Magnet as one of the newest alternative to Google’s Adsense for Search. But the Search Widget target is the organic traffic, and delivers ads pertaining exactly to the search term that brought visitors to your website.

According to Infolinks, the Search Widget targets visitors coming to your blog / website from a Search Engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.) The will appear for those visitors only, and will present them with ads related to their search.
The search widget is powered by a smartly algorithm with a nature of Click Magnet. It works for example, when a visitor searches the term”  “Gourmet Chocolate” and entered the blog or website with enabled Search Widget automatically in the bottom of the article a relevant and enticing banner will appear. That guarantees as Click Magnets!

No problem with the integration because it’s totally free and requires no effort because the Search Widget free add-on will automatically be enabled starting September 20, 2011 on all websites implementing Infolinks In-Text Ads.

You can login now in you Infolinks account then, enable the Search Widget in the New menu.