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The Philippines E-Cigarette Review

 Though I don’t smoke l still got a chance to review this cool e-Cigarette when my uncle bought his own. According to experts, e-Cigarette was invented to reduce human smoking addiction and to avoid dangerous smoking related disease. E-Cigarette also reduce fire hazard in public places because it doesn't requires lighting and less smoke.
From Lighters Galore my uncle bought one set of e-cigarette that cost around PhP 800 and he was very happy on it. The pack includes the following:
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Car Charger Plug
  • 10 pcs Cartridge –contains the liquid nicotine.
  • 1 small e-cigars batt.
  • 1 Get Start Guide

Cool right? Each cartridge could be mouth up to 200 and you can replace the cartridge anytime as needed. You can charge the e-cigarette in your wall outlet or in the car and some says charge also in laptop by connecting the USB cord.
Remember, everything has its own pros and cons. Always be careful and if you are interested read the E-Cigarette Health Issue link.